Let’s go Fishing; Understanding data architecture in a simple metaphor

Data architecture can be difficult to understand – when new to the subject, it can be very hard to distinguish between hype and concept, between real things (with obscure names) and conceptual names which are actually marketingy gizmos. Over time in consulting I come back to a fish based explanation, which I synthesised in a phone call last year with someone and have finally committed to paper.

THAT NEJM editorial and Kaggle

What is particularly interesting about this article and the debate it ignited (or soured, depending on how you look at it) is that it seems blind to the increasing interdisciplinary trend in data science – of which medicine is an obvious part – where fresh eyes find new ways to understand a problem.

Radovan Karadzic conviction: statistics and Human Rights

Yesterday in the Hague, Radovan Karadzic was convicted for 40 years for his role in the Bosnian war. What some people may not know is that statistical analysis of migrational movements and killings was one of the ways external observers demonstrated that there was a systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing in Serbia.