Let’s go Fishing; Understanding data architecture in a simple metaphor

Data architecture can be difficult to understand – when new to the subject, it can be very hard to distinguish between hype and concept, between real things (with obscure names) and conceptual names which are actually marketingy gizmos. Over time in consulting I come back to a fish based explanation, which I synthesised in a phone call last year with someone and have finally committed to paper.

The Ethics of Overtime in Technology

Recently, I took on the mantle of teaching data ethics and security to colleagues who join my company. The training runs over a whole day, but I still feel there’s so much I can’t cover. Making some tea this morning, I realised one of the really important ones was an item that comes up at work under the radar a lot, which is the ethics of overtime.

A dashboard showing a set of three charts, demonstrating the funding difference between American and international cities.

NYPD Green? Visualising Police Spend in Selected International Cities

One of the clearer roots of the problem is the wretched state of American policing, which has been in dire need of reform for longer than I’ve been alive; a rallying call of the 2020 movement has been “Defund the Police”. I’ve not looked into police spending to know how much is too much, so I decided to do a comparative analysis of some American and international cities to see what their police budgets looked like.