Safe and Sorry - New Kurzgesagt video

If you know me in real life, you probably didn't know me for very long before realising that privacy and mass surveillance are some of my hot topics, which I could discuss for several hours without much of a break. (This is actually one reason why there has been an absence of posts, as I have been writing a research proposal on these topics!) Mass surveillance in particular can be a hard thing to argue, since sooner or later, someone always comes down to a variation on the following phrase;

"If you haven't done anything wrong, then you have nothing to fear."

The shortsightedness of the statement - laws do change y'know, that's what the big building next to the Thames is for - is the first thing that hits and scrambles my brain in irritation, and it's all down hill from there. In future though, I will now point them at this Kurzgesagt video, which is a new release on the topic of terrorism and surveillance. As I presently live in one of the most highly surveilled states in the world (yes, that's a word) which the video does make a passing nod to, it is a great explainer on how it all comes down to this - mass surveillance of new data transmissions is not providing a significant improvement on the old way of catching terrorists, but it is providing a new way to quash one's ability and courage to defy those in power, without checks and balances to ensure it is not abused.

Check out this video below, and go to their Youtube channel for further explanations of a wide variety of topics, from the very big (Fermi's Paradox) to the very small (antibiotic apocalypse).